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(In my previous post, I had written about going to Luneberg, Germany and taking a jitney ride through the town to learn about its rich history).

As we were waiting for our horse-drawn jitney to arrive, the doors of the church across the street opened and a young couple emerged to the sound of cheers from a group of their friends gathered on the sidewalk. Apparently the two had just been married for they were still in their wedding finery. He was dressed in a suit and vest and she in a ivory colored wedding gown. They were both very young, perhaps in their early twenties. He was slim and tall with sharp features, and a little fuzz covering his cheeks and chin. She looked a little older than him, full figured, with a pretty face framed in a mass of brown ringlets. As we watched, they accepted the congratulations of their well-wishers and stepped through a giant tissue- paper heart held up by two of their friends. Then they seated themselves on a bicycle built for two with a “JUST MARRIED” sign on the back and set off for a spin around the square, the cheers of their friends ringing in their ears. He bent himself to the task manfully and she did her best to balance herself as there were some initial wobbles before they got into the proper rhythm. They both had big smiles on their faces and were so obviously happy that it made me feel good to just look at them. I know the other onlookers felt the same too.

Our jitney was a little late in arriving and we were still there on the corner when the couple completed their circuit of the square and got back to where their friends were waiting. By now, they were perfectly in sync and they glided to the curb and dismounted smoothly. Their friends were waiting with ice-cold bottles of champagne in an ice-bucket. Corks were popped, glasses filled and toasts offered amid a shower of hugs and kisses.

Just then our jitney arrived and we clambered aboard. As we clattered away, I took a last look at the wedding celebration. The beaming couple were surrounded by their friends and well-wishers, accepting their congratulations, sipping champagne and looking happy, happy, happy. I have attended many weddings, many staged with great pomp and at great expense, but rarely have I been so touched. Such a pleasure to see two young people so in love setting out together on their journey through life. Every day, the news shows and newspapers bring us a full measure of atrocities and tragedies happening all over the world but for a few moments I was able to forget them all. As the church and the couple receded from view, I sent a silent prayer to the Universe wishing them a smooth untroubled path through life, one in which their every wish comes true.

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